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As of November 16, 2018, you must RESET YOUR PIN the first time you try to log in to eSchools.  DO THIS:  Click on the "Forgot your PIN?" link under the login fields.  An email message with a new PIN will be sent to your WCPSS email address.  Use that number to login.  Once you are in eSchools, you can change your PIN to any number you want by clicking on the "My Profile" tab and then the link "Modify PIN".  (Note: Do not use a leading "0" - zero- in your PIN.)  We're so sorry for the inconvenience of the last several weeks without eSchools! 



All new WCPSS employees can log in to eSchools the first Monday after they begin employment with WCPSS.

Log in at the right using:

  • ID = Your 6-digit WCPSS employee # 
  • PIN = Defaulted as the last 4-digits of your social security #. You may change your PIN as soon as you log in. (If the last 4 digits of your social security # does not work, please try your 4-digit birthyear - e.g. 1974)
  • ORGANIZATION ID = (if prompted, use 42358)

Former WCPSS employees may log in to print out their transcripts for up to five years after they end their employment with WCPSS.

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If you have been assigned an ID and do not have a PIN, click the "Don't have a PIN?" link and create a PIN.

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